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Image Replications

R-Drive Image can save several copies of the same image during one single imaging process. Such process is called "replication". This greatly increases safety of the imaged data. Image replicas can be saved in various locations: in other folders on the same disk (not very safe!), on other local disks, on network drives, or cloud services .

R-Drive Image first creates the main image file in the Main copy folder and then replicates in to other specified places. That is why it's important to create the main image on the fastest location, like a local disk.

To create image replicas:

1 Click the Replications button
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2 Specify folders to save image replicas on the Replications tab.
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Replications options

> R-Drive Image will save image replicas in these folders.

Replications options tab for differential file copy has another look:

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Replications options for differential file copy

Replications options tab for rotation schemes has additional items.

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Replications options for rotation schemes

Replicate whole rotation

If this checkbox is selected, R-Drive Image will replicate all images included in the rotation. If it's clear, it will replicate the last full image and all its differential / incremental images.

Delete extraneous image files from destination path

If this checkbox is selected, R-Drive Image will delete those image files in the destination folder which have been removed/deleted among those that are set for replication.

If you set file deletion by various limits on the Rotation options tab and want those files deleted in the replications, you need to select both these checkboxes.