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Rotation Schemes (Backup Sets)

Rotation backup schemes is a way to create sets of files (usually a file for a full image of an object and a number of its incremental/differential backups) which R-Drive Image treats as one unit. Those schemes may be used to create images of the same objects with the same filenames but with different parameters.Rotation schemes make it possible for you to flexibly control the parameters of complex backup tasks.

You may specify a total size allocated for the image files, a number of image files you want to keep, and the time for which you want to keep the data, etc. All this can be done on the Rotation options panel.


R-Drive Image supports the following types of rotation schemes:

Simple Rotation Schemes

Custom Rotation Schemes ( available only in the Corporate , Technician , Commercial , and OEM System Recovery Media versions)

And this page gives an example of the outcome of a rotation scheme:

An example of a rotation scheme