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Filters can be used if it's necessary to show only files of certain types. For example, the required types are *.jpg and *.docx. Then such files can be searched for and marked accordingly. Complex filters can be created using the Batch mode .

Note that filters do not mark files, they filter out all other file types making R-Drive Image show only files matching the filter(s). File marking affects only those files that are matching the applied filters.


A filter can be specified on the Search window. The example below shows how this filter affects files that R-Drive Image shows on the Select files... panel.

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Filter specified


After this field has been applied, R-Drive Image will show only *.jpg and *.docx files.

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Filter applied

Note that folders that contain no *.jpg or *.docx files are show as empty.


Applied filters can be edited and saved to load them later.

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Filter being edited


Folders and their files may be marked/unmarked manually changing folder's marks accordingly. There are four mark types for folders:

No files or folder matching the selection recursively have been marked in the folder.

No files or folders matching the selection have been found, but they may appear in the future.

Some files match the selection and marked in this folder.

The folder and all its files and folders recursively match the selection and are marked in this folder.