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Check an Image File

Note: This help page describes the operation of the TUI startup version. Go to the Check an Image File help page for the GUI version and to the network drives help If necessary.

To check an image file:

1 Click Check an Image File on the Action Selection panel
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Action Selection Panel

2 Select the file with the image on the Open an Image File panel and click the Next button


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Open an Image File Panel


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Open an Image File Panel

You may also connect network drives.

3 Verify that the information on the Processing panel is correct and click the Start button
> R-Drive Image will start checking the data in the image file.


The Disk Actions chapter explains basic disk actions.

The Startup Version chapter explains how to perform disk actions using the R-Drive Image Startup Version .

The Technical Information chapter gives technical information on Supported CD and DVD Recorders and List of Hardware Devices Supported in the Startup Mode and another useful technical information.

Follow this link to obtain R-Drive Image Contact Information and Technical Support