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Create an Image

Note: The current version has a limited support for dynamic disks or other non-MBR/GPT partition layouts. See Support for Various Disk Partition Schemes and File Systems for details.

To create an image:

1 Click Create an Image on the Action Selection panel

R-Drive Image will start analyzing the computer disk configuration, the Progress... message showing the progress. Then the Partition Selection panel will show the configuration.

Click to expand/collapse More information...

Click to expand/collapse S.M.A.R.T. warning for a hard drive

2 Select the objects you want to backup on the Partition Selection panel and click the Next button

Click to expand/collapse More information...

You may select all objects on a hard drive by clicking the hard drive icon .. It will show the marked hard drive .

Use the Refresh button if your computer disk configuration has been changed (when you connect a USB disk, for example).

3 Select the place on the Image Destination panel to which the image files will be written, specify the file name, and click the Next button

You may select any place including connected network drives, supported CD and DVD Recorders , or any other devices with removable storage.

If you try to overwrite an existing image file, the Imaging Mode panel will appear. You may either overwrite the file or add to the existing image.

If you choose to overwrite the file, the You are about to overwrite an existing image file... warning will appear on the Imaging Mode panel. You may either overwrite the file or select another file name for the image.

If you try to append data to a password-protected image file, the Password prompt... message will appear. Enter the password and click the OK button.

4 Specify image options on the Image Options panel and click the Next button

You may specify image options on this panel.

Click to expand/collapse Image options

5 Specify backup options on the Backup Options panel and click the Next button

You may specify backup options on this panel. They are used to create consistent point-in-time backups.

Click to expand/collapse Backup Options

See Creating consistent point-in-time backups for more details.

6 Verify that the information on the Processing panel is correct and click the Start button

You may also create a script for this action. Click the Script to Clipboard button and paste the script to any text-processing utility.

> R-Drive Image will start creating the image file(s)

The Progress bar will show the progress of the current operation and overall process. When the image is created, the Image created successfully. message will appear. You may cancel the current operation by clicking the Cancel button. The Operation canceled by user message will appear.

If there is not enough space on the destination place, the Not enough space message will appear. You may select another place for the rest of the image file or cancel the operation

Click to expand/collapse Writing images on CD-R/RW discs and other devices with removable storage

Click to expand/collapse Bad Sectors


The Disk Actions chapter explains basic disk actions.

The Startup Version chapter explains how to perform disk actions using the R-Drive Image Startup Version .

The Technical Information chapter gives technical information on Supported CD and DVD Recorders and List of Hardware Devices Supported in the Startup Mode and another useful technical information.

Follow this link to obtain R-Drive Image Contact Information and Technical Support