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Copy a Disk to a Disk

Attention: All previous data on the destination disk will be completely deleted

To copy an entire disk or its part to another one:

1 Click Copy Disk on the Action Selection panel.

R-Drive Image will start analyzing the computer disk configuration, the Progress... message showing the progress. Then the Object Selection panel will show the configuration.

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You may select all objects on a hard drive by clicking the hard drive icon .. It will show the marked hard drive .

2 Select the disk object on the Source: on the Object Selection panel, select a destination, and click the Next button

Click the controls to learn their functions or go to the respective help pages

You may select only one object at a time, and you need to specify the destination to proceed further.

Use the Refresh button if your computer disk configuration has been changed (when you connect a USB disk, for example).

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If you try to copy data to or from a system, or other disk locked by the system or other application, the Disk not locked message will appear.

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You may select all objects on a hard drive by clicking the hard drive icon .. It will show the marked hard drive .

3 Specify copy parameters on the Restore/Copy Parameters panel and click the Next button

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4 Verify that the information on the Processing panel is correct and click the Start button

You may also create a script for this action. Click the Script to Clipboard button and paste the script to any text-processing utility

> R -Drive Image will start copying the data from the source to the selected destination place.

When the data is copied, the Object copied successfully message will appear.

If some other program (like a file manager) is accessing the partition on which the data is to be restored, the Cannot lock the disk message will appear. Close this program or make it stop accessing the partition.

If you copy an entire hard drive to another hard drive, two absolutely identical hard drive will appear in your system. That will confuse it and may cause unpredictable results. To prevent that, a Disk copied successfully message will appear. You may turn your system off to disconnect one of the disks, or restart it to disable one of the disk in the BIOS of your system. Under Windows 95/98/Millennium, the target disk will not appear until system restart even if you decide to click the Cancel button.

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The Disk Actions chapter explains basic disk actions.

The Startup Version chapter explains how to perform disk actions using the R-Drive Image Startup Version .

The Technical Information chapter gives technical information on Supported CD and DVD Recorders and List of Hardware Devices Supported in the Startup Mode and another useful technical information.

Follow this link to obtain R-Drive Image Contact Information and Technical Support