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Scripting and Command Line Operations

You may create scripts for frequently repeated or unattended disk actions and execute them from a command line or file. The same script commands may be executed directly from a command line.

Currently, R-Drive Image supports scripts for creating a new image file , appending data to an existing one , restoring data from an image , check an image , and mount/unmount images as virtual logical disk .

To create a script

Creating a script from R-Drive Image

Creating a script manually


To execute a script:

1 Type in the command line:

r-driveimagecl [/switches] cmd="<ScriptName>.rdi"

where <ScriptName> is the script name and its path, if necessary,

and press the Enter key

Note: if ScriptName contains no spaces, double quotes ( " ) may be omitted. No characters in ScriptName should be escaped.

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A non-interactive mode. R-Drive Image will not ask the user any questions. If it cannot perform the action, it will generate an error.


A debug mode. R-Drive Image will display all the information as it was performing the action, but will not perform the actual action.


If an error occurs, R-Drive Image will not exit the script and continue perform it from the following command. Inapplicable to actions started from the command line


Not functioning since version 4.7!

The s and d parameters will use disk indexes rather than disk numbers. Disk indexes are disk serial numbers and can be seen either on the R-Drive Image Partition Selection panel or Windows Disk Management.


If a file with a specified filename exists, R-Drive Image will overwrite it quietly.


will shut down the computer when it finishes the command.

Switches set in the command lines also is used as default values for parameters in scripts.

> R-Drive Image will start executing the script showing the operation parameters and progress.

When R-Drive Image completes the operation, the Commit OK message will appear in the command prompt.

You may include this command to a command file and automatically run such command file either manually or using any scheduling software for unattended disk actions.


To perform an action from the command line:

1 Type in the command line:

R-DriveImage [/ switches command   <params>

to start R-Drive Image application


r-driveimagecl [/ switches command   <params>

to start R-Drive Image console application

and press the Enter key.

> R-Drive Image will start executing the command showing the action's progress.

When R-Drive Image completes the action, the Commit OK message will appear in the command prompt.

Note: the /f switch is not applicable to the actions performed from the command prompt.


The Disk Actions chapter explains basic disk actions.

The Startup Version chapter explains how to perform disk actions using the R-Drive Image Startup Version .

The Technical Information chapter gives technical information on Supported CD and DVD Recorders and List of Hardware Devices Supported in the Startup Mode and another useful technical information.

Follow this link to obtain R-Drive Image Contact Information and Technical Support