Drive Imaging & Backup FAQ

2. Do I need to create an initial whole image before using incremental backup?
4. Can I restore an image to a remote HDD?
5. I got the "Call Back" error when tried to create an image. What does that error mean?
6. I run Windows XP and Susie Linux 9 as a dual-boot system. Is it possible to Disk to Disk copy the entire HDD?
7. I tried to read an arc file by both Nero Burning Rom and UltraISO, but failed. It seems that these software do not recognize your file format (arc file). Can you please give me an advice which software can burn the arc files?
8. Can I burn a created *.arc file on CD/DVD and then write the R-Drive Image startup version on this disc, too?
9. Is there a way to check the integrity of an arc file through the command line?
10. I tried to start my system from a startup R-Drive Image CD/DVD. My computer shows "linux `uncompressing... OK starting the kernel` Then it stops. Sometime it even powers off. What should I do?
12. I need to access outlook ost/pst files in the Documents and Settings folder of a disk image connected as a Virtual Logical disk. When I attempt to do so I get an Access denied Error upon clicking the Documents and Settings folder.
13. Is it possible to turn off PC after making an image/copy?
14. Will R-Drive Image work on MS Small Business server?
16. I want to restore an image of disk C: into disk C: under a Virtual Machine. Can it be done?
17. We are trying to perform a weekly full backup and a daily incremental backup in the unattended mode. When it is necessary, the restore process must be in unattended mode, too. Therefore restarting from a startup CD/DVD is not an option. I have a question on the name of the backup image file. When a scheduled task creates an image file the date and time is part of the file name. If I have to perform a restore from the backup image file, do I have to specify the image file name with the date and time values? If I have to, then this creates a problem in restoring in the unattended mode script. It is because the script will not know the date and time of the last backup.
19. I connected an image as Virtual Drive and tried to change its content. But when I re-connect the image, my changes are lost. Why?
20. I created an image but it was split by 4GB. Can I connect this image as Virtual Drive?
21. I have image of a 100GB RAID 5. Can I restore it to a single 100GB HDD?
22. I want R-Drive Image to notify my system and other application that it makes a system backup. Is that possible?
23. I am considering to use R-drive Image to backup/restore my system disk. Any guidelines?
24. I want to exclude some files and folders from a disk image. Can R-Drive Image do this?
25. Can I use R-Drive Image to create system recovery discs for my computer?
26. I want to clone my old PC to a virtual machine. Can R-Drive Image help me?
27. When I attempt to create an image, I get the following message: ` unable to create volume snapshot`. What causes the message?
28. What is the difference between differential and incremental backups? Which one is better for my task?
29. The startup version of R-Drive Image shows my external USB disk with the NTFS file system as read-only. I cannot save image files on it, although my Windows computer has no problem it writing data to it. What to do?
30. I can't start my Windows 8 computer with the R-Drive Image startup disk. Why?
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