- . -


- A -

Apple CoreStorage

Apple File Vault

Apple Fusion Drive Volumes

Apple RAIDs

- B -

Backup Options


Backup AUX applications

Backup Process Priority


Ignore disk read errors (bad sectors)

Notify system applications

Process priority

R-TT Volume Snapshot Service

Snapshot AUX applications

Snapshot provider

Use CPU cores

Windows Volume Snapshot Service

Backup sets

Backup sets parameters

Also apply the settings before creating a new image

Backup size quota

Maximum backup set age

Maximum number of backup sets

Maximum number of image files

Bad Sectors



Delete a task

Edit a task

Edit an event

File Mask

Find Next

Find Previous



- C -

Check an image file

Command line actions

configure startup media troubleshooting options


Drive letter for the selected partition

Connect an image as a virtual logical disk

Contact information and technical support

Context menu

Delete a task

Edit a task

Edit an event

Execute now


Save as Script

Script to Clipboard

Copy a disk to a disk

Create a Master Image

Create a script

Create a script from an existing task

Create a script from R-Drive Image

Create a script manually

Create a task

Create an image

Create startup disks

Creating consistent point-in-time bakups

Creating OEM Client Media

- D -


Existing files

File Id


Find/Mark mode


Look in

Match case

Regular expression

Size from/up to

Delete a task

Dialog boxes

About R-Drive Image

File mask


Disconnect virtual logical disks

Disk actions

- E -

Edit a task

Edit time or event

- F -

File mask options


Match case

Show empty folders

Size from/up to

File masks

Find options

- H -

Hardware RAIDs

HDD Copy Method

Copy all partitions onto original places

Expand/Shrink partition to whole disk

Fixed active partition

Raw disk copy

Realign partitions

- I -

Image Options

Backup type

Check the image file immediately upon its creation

Estimated size

Image compression ratio

Image description

Image name:

Image split size


Imaging Mode Options

Append changes differentially to the existing image

Append changes incrementally to the existing image

Replace the existing image file with a new one

- L -

Linux Logical Volume Manager Volumes

Linux mdadm RAIDs

List of Hardware Devices Supported in the Startup Mode

Load Computer into Startup Mode


- M -

Mail Notification Options



E-mail notifications

Error occurred




Recipient e-mail addresses

Run application if

Send mail if



Your e-mail address

Media Options

CD Media Options


DVD Media Options

Include R-Drive Image bootable version

Use ISO caching

Write method

Write speed


Please register R-Drive Image


Cannot lock the disk

CD-R/RW disk is not empty...

Device is busy

Disk is full...

Disk not locked

Error: Another partitioner is active

File is not found

Files restored successfully

Image corrupted

Image created successfully

Image is already selected!

Image restored successfully

Image selected is larger than destination

Insert a blank CD-R/RW disk...

Insert a blank floppy disk...

Insert disk #...

Insert the next blank CD-R/RW disk...

Insert the next blank floppy disk...

ISO-image created successfully

Object checked successfully

Object copied successfully

Operation canceled by user

Password prompt...


Startup disks created successfully

Virtual disk(s) connected successfully

Virtual disk(s) disconnected successfully

You are about to restart...

You have selected several partitions...

- O -

OEM Client Media Options

Automatically reboot on successful restore

Client will search image on all disks

Create media in test mode

Disable source disk selection

Disable target disk selection

Don't copy the master image

GUI mode


Perform restoration without confirmation

Raw disk copy/restore

- P -


Action Selection

Backup Options

Connected Virtual Logical Disks

Disk Signature Collision

Image Date/Time Selection

Image Destination

Image File Selection

Image Object Selection

Image Options

Imaging Mode

Mail Notification/Aux Applications

Master Image File Selection

Media Options

Object Selection

OEM Client Media Options

Partition Selection


Removable Media Device Selection

Removable Storage Device Selection

Restore Mode Selection

Restore/Copy Parameters

Scheduled Tasks



Partition layouts

Apple Partition Map

BSD Slice

Dynamic disk


Point-in-time bakups

- R -

RAIDs, and Various Disk and Volume Managers

R-Drive image features

R-Drive Image OEM kit



Registration information

Registration key

Rename a task

Restore data from an image

Restore Options

Copy disk signature

Drive letter for the selected partition

File system for the selected partitions

Free space after

Free space before

Maximum partition size

Minimum partition size

Partition size

Partition type

Run a Task Manually

- S -

Safely Remove Hardware icon

Scheduled actions, command line operations, and scripting

Scheduler and unattended actions


Script commands

Script commands and parameters

Scripting and command line operations

Secure boot

Startup Media Troubleshooting Options

Startup Version

Check an Image File

Create an Image

Create an image using the startup disks

Disk to disk copy

Network Drives

Restore Data from an Image

Restore data to a system or another locked disk

Support for Various non-MBR/GPT Partition Layouts

Supported CD and DVD recorders

System recovery disc

- T -

Technical Information

Time/Event Options

At system startup

At user logon


Delay task up to:

End date:

Month schedule



On day... of month

On days:



Perform this task:

Repeat task every:

Run this task every:

Start date:

Start time:

task is active

wake the computer to run this task


- U -

UEFI boot


User/Password Options

- W -

Windiows explorer shortcut menu

Connect as Virtual Disk

Restore Image

Windows Software Mirrors

Windows Software RAIDs

Windows Software Spanned Volumes

Windows Storage Spaces