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  • Drive Image Feedback
I played with the free trial little realising that my saved image would come to the rescue several months later. I immediately purchased some licences and restored my system with ease. I am most satisfied with R-Drive. I like its clean and simple interface - it makes things easy.
Ross Jury
I have been using R-Drive for many years, I trust my data to nothing else. The latest version has enabled me to do things I didn`t think possible in just a couple of clicks. Thanks r-tools!
David Tallent (Softrol Systems, Inc.)
Is there an ISO available for download so we can restore even though we no longer have a working Windows 10 machine anywhere in the building?
Donna (all)
R-Drive Image is an awesome product that works flawlessly, every time.
Rob Schuman
tried many backup products all failed and crashed. this backup made it easy and trouble free highly recomend it for simple easy use
colin (NA)
Hi, we own r-drive image.
Clonning a hard disk feature works great. but is it possible to schecule the clone option? will be great improvement and ease and fast option to restore a computer.
I`ve just about used them all. I recently ditched Acronis. Most have failed me when I needed them to work. Only R-Drive Image has been consistently dependable.
Leon Kunstenaar
I Have been using R-Drive for more than eight years. I had my file server wiped out two times in the past 2 weeks due to ZEPTO virus. (Both came from an email attachment). I do an R-drive full image backup each night. Both images rebuilt the hard drive perfectly. I have rebuilt several times over the years but I was in a real situation here and R-drive saved the day.
Bill F (J B Esker & Sons Inc)
As Yogi Bare might have said; `R-Drive is something you don`t need until you need it!`
Yep after using it for msny years now I finally met a totally system meltdown. But 1 new HHD and my R-Drive CD plus archive - we were back`n running in no time. Thanks
Robert F Jarvis
The only thing missing from this product is the ability to convert/mount the image to a bootable image. Meaning I could clone a physical machine, every few hours or so, and boot from the RDR file to verify backups. This would allow easier P to V migrations if I could effectively convert the .rdr file to a qcow2 file. For the developer version, it would be worth every penny because as an imaging (differential, full, incremental) it`s a fantastic product as is....
Scott Z.
very interesting function; trying to create a hidden partition where Windows operating system backups .. do something so windows can see that partition but if rdrive. no virus would save future problems with encryption.
БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ!!!Всей команде кто работал над продуктом R-Driver image версия 6.0.Конечно скорость копирования меньше чем у Acronis true image,но у вас сжатие лучше.У меня 2 раздела на 1ом сама система на 2ом информация.Так вот с Acronis все влезает только на usb объемом в 16Гбт,а с вашем продуктом все уместилось на 7Гбт.ОДНИМ СЛОВОМ М О Л О Д Ц Ы!!!Добавите скорости и цены продукту НЕ БУДЕТ.
Moryk (домашнее пользование)
R Drive image is excellent backup and recovery solution and mass deployment platform which boots and deploys operating systems with in the very less time than any other solutions now available in market today.
I would like the developers to implement centralized management platform, PXE Boot and Hardware Independent Restore in R-Drive Image next release, Please ...

I have been using it from 3.5 years. It`s very greatest program in the universe to say ...

Thanks developers, please consider my suggestion ....
Afsar (Excel IT)
Simple yet reliable backup solution. From a single file to whole system restoration can be achieved easily. A trustworthy backup partner worth every cent I spent on this product.
Albert Chan (Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited.)
This is a great product have been looking for a simple and efficient backup software as a silver surfer. Tried many and then 30 days with R-Drive showed me this was all i needed to protect my Laptop, Photos and large music collection. My tech savoy son thought it was so good he is buying it. Would love this for my mobile. Hope i get credit if R-Tools start mobile back ups. Dont think about this Backup software Try and buy. Tom
TOP NOTCH!!!!! R-image was the only thing that would get past the bad sector on my old drive. I put the new drive in booted up and off and running. It took several hours, but for the saving me from having to do a full reload and install of my software all over again. Love your software.
Drive Image is an excellent image backup solution. Easy to use and makes same job with expensive softwares. I hope there will be an option to create image files to FTP location.
emrah kasal
Hi, I love the R-Drive Image product. Its Simple to install and use and a very powerful application. It would be nice if there was an additional option to just make an image of files/folders instead of the whole drive.
Danny (FISI)
Hopefully 5 means `Best Rating` as this is the FIRST working image software that is able to image-backup a W7 installation (2 partitions, 100MB first partition that I never asked for to create during W7 installation) and to re-image a new HDD and it boots and works as the source HDD one. It did NOT work with other products I tried!

Rolf Voller (HTM)
R-Drive Image has been a great investment as a drive backup/image utility. The software is straightforward, easy to use, and feature rich. The speed with which I am able to create a disk image is much faster than products I have used in the past. I have recommended your product to several of my friends and colleagues.
Fred Rodgers
Очень довольны вашим компактным, качественным и эффективным софтом. Спасибо!
Женя (Home)
Es una pena que R-Drive Image no este disponible en mi idioma.
One thing that kills the purchase of R-Drive Image for us is the all important function most other commercial grade backup software suites have, manual initiation of backup without a schedule. R-Drive Images STILL has no way to initiate a backup scheme manually, outside of the schedule. Biggest reason our company cannot refer it to our client base. Add the simple feature, and that would change.
Steven (Ray)
Excellent product you have. But image compression option should be alike your emergency boot disk (four option=quicker to select=slider no goodor give both options)
John Donne
Thank you for the nice product. Just started using V 4725 of R-Drive and noticed when copying drives/partitions HDD to HDD or to a mapped drive that the status bar was not statusing, it remained at 0% for the whole copy.
Andrew Schulze (Video 2000)
hey guy, working with windows 7 64 bit version and your imaging software. but can`t restore data with reboot. having non-standard boot loaders issues. can you fix this?
R-Drive image works flawlessly in a vmware esxi environment...I have used it to backup and restore virtual servers without any issue.
Is there a chance you could add scheduled a restore feature.
Brett Duncan (Fundy Computer Services)
I like your r-drive product and will likely be buying it for my clients.
One thing that bugs me... When i use the GUI to do a backup on Windows Server 2008 r2 (virtual machine under HyperV) the `looking for CD/DVD writers` takes a long time. A couple minutes at least probably 5. It gives the impression it is hung. Maybe a skip button would be good to have, or if you can tell the server is running as a VM then don`t even scan for burners.
Thanks for your time and a product with a price my clients can afford.
brent welke
I am disappointed that you do not have a home license option for your R-Drive Image product. Many companies provide a flat fee license for multi-PC home users that allow all or a few PCs to run their software. 45 dollars a crack adds up pretty quick when you have 5 or six PCs to manage in your home.
Jim Grissom
Jim Grissom
Drive image is so cool. I set up SCHEDULED imaging in like 10 minutes.
Elegantly simple-Just the way I like it too. Extremely fast cloning drives as well. No more ghost in DOS mode! (for the most part at least) $50 is way too cheap. I can`t wait to purchase when the trial runs out. It is not very often that I am so excited about a software product. Small and fast too, only 11mb!
John Hill (IMC Computer Consulting)
Suggestion on r-drive image that would in my opinion make the product much more valuable...
When running the CLI version (scheduled for example), write a hook in the window version that would communicate and display a status, current functions, and percent complete of the running cli process. As it is, it`s difficult to tell how long it`s going to run, what stage is in.. etc.
David Bryant (Interdict-IT Technology Services)
Drive Image is outstanding. I downloaded the Demo and within 2 hours I had 4 machines backed up. Very well though out and extremely easy to use. It`s time to give up the True Image and Ghost forever. Nice job and keep up the good work.
Michael E. Hansen (AlarmLink, Inc.)
R-Drive Image is in my opinion the best disk backup software available! VERY user friendly, great data compression, tons of options, the ability to recover broken image files, the ability to split them into certain sizes, the ability to do a sector by sector backup, the ability to encrypt your files, it`s GREAT!
I`ve restored data to my drive no less than 3 times so far from cases of my operating system corrupting itself and needing to go back a few days. Works perfectly!
Ray Beck
Your R diver image and r studio software`s are fantastic.
Maruti Yadav (Nucleotech Medical Systems International Ltd)
WOW, the product works great. It was too simple (compared to other products i tested), I kept checking for additional steps. The code is so `light weight` and the program so simple. The best part is the results! I copied disk to disk and imaged one from a file share, and both worked as avertised!
Morning! I just wanted to say thanks for creating a great tool. It copied EXACTLY my 500GB drive to the new one I bought in about 90 minutes, EXCELLENT stuff :D
Liam O`Flaherty (N/A)
Hello R-TT,
Just a line to let you know that R-Drive Image has our backs covered.
Rock solid when things go wrong.
Thanks for the time you have invested in the development of the software.
Rose and Andrew
Rosemarie Knabe
This works great! All I needed was to copy an image of my hard drive to a new one and it worked perfectly! No problems! I wish I had found this software first; it would have saved me a half day of headaches!
Ed Marshall
Hey people, I`m using R-drive image and I think it is very good.
The Ability to create a Live USB of R-Drive Image would be very cool, are you thinking about it?
And try to avoid ruining the product like Acronis did, with nasty DRM!
This even works as a portable version and even on Wine! Way to go!
Keep up the good work.
Best regards
SF007 (none)
As an IT contractor I have been using R-Image and have found the app to work extremely well. However please could you advise me if you have an app that can re-adjust the size of working partitions sizes on the fly.
Doug Beard
Love the new resize feature, however it would be great to be able to go the oppoisite direction. Often I am trying to image a 500GB drive with only 10GB of data to an 80GB drive. I have seen other software do this (I think older versions of Norton Ghost).
John Andrea (Mobile Technology Solutions)
R-Drive Image is a great product! I recommend it to everyone!
Here`s an idea. How about a utility to make a bootable R-Drive Image DVD but with the option to add some image files? It would be great to have a single DVD with program and images on it.
Edward Krach (Avocent Corporation)
Fabulous program, very easy to use, and `oh so fast` I am glad that I could not find my Symantec Ghost program disk, and needed a solution now. I will purchase a copy as soon as i finish this comment.
Darrin Jenkinson (Vanns Inc.)
Your latest build of R-Drive is a work of art. I had to replace a boot drive. I couldn`t format the replacement drive with Western Digital`s own Lifetools. Your latest build of R-Drive rebuilt the drive anyway and it booted flawlessly.
Many thanx
Doug Kochanowski
I am blown away at how fast, easy, and reliable your software is. I`ve been ripped off by several other software companies in the past, and was very hesitant to be fooled again. Your software works. It will be the only software I recommend to my clients.
Laura Friedman (Mighty Geeks)
Your product has been great, but it lacks one requirement: detection of USB-keyboard (-mouse). Nowadays computers are shipped without ps/2-ports and there's no way using R-Drive Image without.
Could you confirm to me if this has been taken into roadmap and when it is possibly due to release?

Vesa Jarvitalo (Capricode Ltd)
I tried out R-Image more than once (Yes, I admit that but I'm paying now) , but I just have to register this now because it made me feel guilty for abusing that. I think that's the best tool out of the bunch for 75% of people coming to this site. They just want a cost-effective way to deal with disk images and mirroring drives! No one needs the whole suite for that, but it's nice that it's an upgrade path in the future. The software was easy to use, did just what I needed and nothing I didn't want it to. It also is easy to find test out and see if you like the other software, if you need that extra functionality lator. I'm not a business owner or have an IT department (I AM my IT dept.), so I'll probally not need that other stuff. Thanks for the great products, especially the disk image tools! I also liked how it didn't go nuts that I had a server OS that I'm playing with (2003 Beta tester) - it allows me to experiment and to buy licenses over time instead of making me start from scratch just because of a flag in the registry!
I'm glad that they have a beta test - I read and at least partially agree with Bill Gates' open letter to hobbiests. (Read it, it's pretty straightforward on his position) :)
Sincerely, Joe Whitehead
Joseph Whitehead
After seeing your advertorial in PC magazine, I visited your web site and tested your drive image software, version 4.0. Every once in a while I try to test drive image software to see if *anyone* out there made things as easy as PowerQuest did in their 2002 version of Drive Image.
As you may know Symantec bought PowerQuest with the express purpose of killing PowerQuest's Drive Image because it was superior to Norton Ghost.
In any case, here's what PowerQuest's Drive Image 2002 does on my system and what no other software does. (I hope you accept my frank criticism): I partitioned my hard drive to C: (Windows XP) D:(Windows Millennium) and E:(where I keep all large programs installed as well as Drive Image files.)
If I can, I usually boot into either operating system to within seconds re-image the other. I start PowerQuest Drive Image 2002, and then this happens:
Restore Image > Finish > Yes > Yes
Four clicks (!) And in fraction of a second the operating system partition is being restored.
Why four clicks, because it retains the information on what to do from the last time it was used, allowing the user to do Restore Image > Finish > Yes > Yes.
It does the same for Creating the image files so they too can be created by simultaneously clicking on Next a couple of times.
*No other Drive Image software can do that.*
Also, Image creation restoration is done without rebooting. Why can PowerQiest Drive Image 2002 lock the drives and perform imaging without rebooting while others cannot, including your program?
Your program works under old Windows Operating systems, this is great, because I do not use Windows Me but it's convenient to reimage my Windows XP by simply rebooting into it to do so.
And I noticed a fine feature in your program where I can double click on the Drive Image file itself, then perform the Image Restore from there. This is an improvement over PowerQuest Drive Image 2002.
Now if you can just get your program to remember previously used settings and get it to be able to lock the drive without the need to reboot the system...
Either way, studying performance of PowerQuest Drive Image 2002 is the key to beating Symantec. Good luck.
Jason Fletcher
Thank you very much for fixing the R-Drive Image icon. R-Drive just gets better and better!
Jeff Long
Hi just bought drive image. Software is good but has one serious shortcoming, the bootup version of the software does not support writing to NTFS drives. Having only support for FAT drives is outdated as most people on the windows platform use NTFS now. You should make this limitation clearer before people buy the software.
Mike Remington
lower-case profile CAPITAL performance. I rebuilt my 30Gb drive laptop in three hours including backup and restore of data with no errors. I would have no hesitation in recommending you.
Ian Feekings
I was looking for a replacement for Norton Ghost which I used for so many years when I came across R-Drive Image. I was so amazed how fast it was able to create a partition image "on the fly". I literally moved different OS's (Win2K, WinXP and Win2K3) in minutes countless times and flawless back to the C: drive. This is great for me as I need to test software sometimes on different kernels/OS. I was so impressed being a developer myself.
The above was all done by creating the OS on the C: drive then from within Windows and R-Drive creating an image on a separate partition on the same disk. In this example it's a 250 GB Raid 1 Server. I also created a Bootable R-Drive disc and countless times was able to change out the C: drive to a different OS without any issues using the bootable version of the software. And you know as well as I it's the best way to restore an image because nothing is running.
End of Story right? NOPE:
I was so please with the above that I almost was going to suggest our IT Department to switch over to your product from currently using Norton Ghost which we are having some issues with mostly the time it takes.
Before I could suggest R-Drive image, I had to do some final regression testing and that was with creating and restoring images using the bootable version. This is were it stopped me dead in my tracts to suggest using it for our IT Department it failed miserably in several areas and restore environments.
I am hoping the following regression testing report will help the developers fix several bugs I have found with the bootable version. I basically really liked the GUI in the Windows environment, BUT, it is just as if not more important that I can restore images that have been burned onto CD or DVD.
Here are my findings with the Bootable Version of R-Drive Image.
Issue 1:
R-Image will not write an image to an NTFS partition from the bootable version. I kept getting an error message stating it could not write to a protected or read only drive. Took me awhile to figure it out and I changed the volume to a FAT32 partition and the Bootable R-Drive successfully produced an image.
Issue 2:
This issue caused me to decline suggesting this to roll out the product at a production level because it failed on all accounts to successfully restore an image from CD's
Here are the examples:
Example 1:
From within in windows, I burned a restore image that comprised of 5 discs. This were done directly to the writeable CD burner and R-Drive successfully created them. Now to restore it back to the C: drive and here is where I have found several bugs.
I then placed the bootable CD of R-Drive Image in the CD Rom and then rebooted the machine. In a few moments the GUI came up like it has before and presented me the start-up screen 'Select an Action'.
I selected 'Restore from Image' then hit the 'Next' button.
I am then at the second screen showing a list of partitions as well as the CDO (CD Rom).
Next I took out the bootable CD and inserted Disc 5 (last disc) of the set I burned directly to CD and mounted and opened the image (Win2k_CD5.arc). then click the 'OK' button.
Now I'm at the next screen 'Select Source' (isn't the CD image and above and Source the same?) but it's showing me the C: drive partition as an option. This screen makes no sense at all. Anyway, I tried several options even going up levels to show the partitions. When select the option 'C:', I am advanced to the 'Select target Object' screen.
I know select C: like I did when I did it from restoring an image from another partition then advance to the next screen.
The screen now gives me a warning message 'You selected the existing disk or drive as the destination place' which is normal as done from restoring an image from an image on a partition. I click the OK button.
I am now advanced to another Error message screen 'Please select object of the same type as source one' then I click the 'OK' button.
Now I am presented with yet another Error message 'Please select at least one appropriate disk object then am returned back to 'Select target object' (get stuck in a loop).
Finally, click cancel to get back to the original screen but now there is yet another issue. Seems getting back to the original screen, R-Drive Image has lost the partition information. Now I can't even eject the CD and end up having to hard boot the machine and quickly remove the disc before it completes the boot sequence.
I reboot the machine then give it a try again but end up stuck in a loop and am unable to restore the image from CD's.
Example Two:
In this example I first burned the images to another partition then burned the 5 image files to CD then went through the sequence
Only this time I got stuck in different loop where it countless times bounced me back and forth between asking for disc one and disc five. After several attempts I got fed up with it and aborted the try.
Example Three:
I thought maybe the images I created may have something wrong with them when I created them on the separate partition so I then stuck the bootable CD back in the CD Drive and selected the CD5 image file on the Partition and R-Drive was able to successfully restore the image back to the C: drive ' hmmmm. That tells me the 5 images I created from the Windows environment were all good.
Example Four:
Now I am going to try this on another system. Got the same results would not restore the image from CD's
Example Five:
I now was going to try this second system another way. This system has the OS on Partition C: with 19 GB space (9 GB used up) and a blank Partition D: with 8 GB. I created an image file on the Drive D: which compressed down to 5 GB then tried to restore the image back using the bootable CD again it failed and a few times the system just froze up on me
Your product works great to produce an image to another partition (on one system it did not) from a Windows environment or create an image using a the bootable version to another partition. Restores where always successful on the one machine.
Restoring a image from CD's was not accomplished no matter what options I tried or selected.
It is critical and absolutely important that I or any IT department be able to create and restore an Image from media. R-Drive Image failed on all accounts to do this and give it my 'Thumbs down'. Not only did it not successfully restore images from media, the GUI seems to have a missing screen when using this option as mention in the first example.
I know this last section sounds hard on you guys, but, I was so looking forward to using the software based on how it functioned restoring images from another partition.
I spend I think 44 dollars and it is worth it to me for my machines for my small business, but can not recommend or suggest nor buy additional seats until all the above have been fixed.
I certainly hope this length evaluation and my time will help make R-Drive Image better than Ghost in future builds.
Mike Klipich
Mike Klipich
Awesome software (Image), really like the virtual drive feature!
How about an incremental image feature, so I can do backups as well?
Thanks for a great product!
Doug Armstrong (Ratio DesignLab)
I'm a huge supporter of shareware and freeware. I also have spent thousands on commercial software. Once in awhile I come across a jewel in the rough like your well designed R-Drive. It's a possible contender that could stand up against TrueImage and Ghost ... but for one problem. It's simply priced way to high.
Ghost 10 is going for $29 (with rebates) and TrueImage 9 is between $29 (NewEgg) and $49.
My humble advice, "lower your price to $29". It will sell better and word-of-mouth will build a larger user base. You can always raise the price on your next major rev-cycle.
I hope you listen to me. I'm 60 years old and retired early from high-tech 5 years ago. I've seen these pricing mistakes before and they all cause an early demise to their respective products.
- Steve
P.S. I would have bought R-Drive over TrueImage or Ghost in a New York minute if not for the pricing problem. I've got the bucks, it's the principle that stops me from choosing your product.
Steve (Home)
I'm testing R-Drive Image. I really like the product, though i do have a request. I would like to be able to back up the image to a ftp server protected by a user name and password. The restore would need to get the image from the ftp. Is that an addition you are looking to add?
Brian Meyer (CCPI Inc.)
With SATA drives becoming the standard, do you intend to add the capability of imaging a SATA partition with R-Drive Image? On build 3029, I can write an IDE partition image to a SATA drive. However, I cannot create an image of the SATA partition. Thanks! By the way, R-Drive Image is an outstanding product!
Greg Steward (Arapahoe Acres Nursery, Inc.)
Hello. I recently purchased R-Drive Image 3.0 and have found it to be quite useful in archiving my development environment on my laptop. However, I would like to know if there are plans to introduce better compression imaging as I am finding that the resulting 15Gb image for a 40Gb drive is just too large to store on a file server for archiving.
Factor Records Australia
Mike (Factor Records)
Great Product BUT ! ...
Many of my clients use 1.44Meg stiffy's to back-up their data...
The rest use CD-R's or CD-RW's...
I cannot get your prog to work on either !?
WHY ??!!
Perhaps I am doing something wrong ?!
Please advise soonest...
Kind and concerned regards;
South Africa
Laurence Steven Smith (CyberActive)
Curious why there have been no updates on your R-DriveImage product. I am getting a new SATA based workstation and hope to use R-DriveImage on it, plus I have noted some bugs, I do hope you keep working on this nice software.
Thanks, Don
Don Rodman (Don Rodman, CPA, MBA)
The most important feature of your software - the ability to completely restore a system from your boot cd, is not featured in your trial.
How can I verify that this software even works? The bottom line is I can't - which means I'll buy elsewhere.
Matt Brown (Watchfire Corporation)
Thanks to rtt I have saved months of work and over $150 in service fees which I have now spent on a backup drive. You guys rule. Keep up the good work
Stephen Wallbank (3DL Design)
Need additional documentation info for system restoration functions. I don't want to experiment to get these answers.
Most users who have reached the point of buying backup software have already given about a quart of blood to their machine. Inclusion of answersto the following in your help section would be nice:
1. For system backup, do I want "sector-by-sector" or "useful data"? I'm not sure what you consider "useful data" on a system backup.
2. I have multiple partitions on my primary "0" drive. During a system restore from A, with the limited screen info, how will the space be allocated? I am referring to restoring only the system partition and not disturbing the other partitions on the drive.
3. What is the chance of increased errors when using compression on any backup? Is compression recommended on the backup of a system partition? If so, how much?
4. (trivial) How many floppies should be on hand when creating floppy start-up disks?
Your GUI and instruction sections are done nicely, but you know how it is, the things are never really finished.
Hope this feedback helps.
Jerry Eberle
Hello good folk
I am very happy with the product and will now happily sell it over other products particularly a common one with a white sheet over its head boo boo.
I have one item however that would be a wish/nice to have.
When cloning my laptop as a test I proceeded to restore the image. As with most laptops there is no floppy. So !!
I tried booting from a usb floppy. not supported
I tried booting frome a cd. Fine but when the startup disk is removed the image cd cannot be read.
I understand it would require a remount of the cdrom for this to work under the linux kernel you are using. BUT it would make restoring the laptop images much much easier.
In fact the only way I can restore the image is to boot from cd and then load the image from a usb HDD with the images. the USB support is great but having to go this far is not pretty.
Also I havn't checked but can the image be written direct to CD from the startup disk
Apart from that Great product.
Peter Darton (Nutmeg Networks)
on your drive image product, unless I have an outdated version, you need to have the image files split into DVD sizes too. Not just zip disk and CDR.
Craig Mercer (Avchem, Inc.)
I started using R-Drive Image a couple of months ago and am very pleased with its features. I also have two questions.
First, do you plan on adding SATA hard drive support?
Second, can R-Drive Image be run using command line arguments? I would like to be able to schedule regular images that would run at night.
Greg Steward (Arapahoe Acres Nursery, Inc.)
Your program R-Drive Image has a shortcoming when copying from drive to drive - your software will copy directly and set the partition size of the 120GB identical to the 40GB - I do not like that behaviour.
this is what I would like to do - I have a 40GB HD, and I have a 120GB HD - I would like to make a clone of the 40GB on the 120GB except that the 120GB Partion size is 120GB - I do not wish to be required to resize the partition afterward.
Having appreciated r-studio, I have also bought r-Drive-Image to replace my aging Ghost 2002.
I must say I was not expecting something perfect since it is your version 1.
But I beleive that as it is now, it is unusable:
- During an image creation from drive C: (XP-NTFS/basic) to an h: (external USB/NTFS/dynamic) I got 3 times a message saying the image was created successfuly when only 20% or so had actualy been processed.
- trying to do disk to disk with dynamic partitions (we all use dynamic today!) is not supported
Anyway, I know you can fix theese bugs and I like you products because we can get then off the web WHEN WE NEED THEM.
It would be a nice thing if we could have access to a partition manager (delete existing and create new) from the disquette boot and the windows interfaces.
from TNT Services Informatiques inc.
Thomas Tessier (TNT Services Informatiques inc.)
I think that it would be great if you mixing R-Studio Em. Agent and Drive Image together, so Drive Image can be used for restore the OS's of any kind, not only Windows and Linux :)
Andrew (home)